Le Moulin du Trieux (the Trieux's mill)

Le Moulin du Trieux is a place on the river Trieux, in Brittany, not even big enough to be called a hamlet . It consists of two houses, a mill (moulin) and a joinery workshop. The first house belonged to my grand-grandmother. She was the last of a dynasty of millers spanning several centuries. The joinery workshop was built by my grandfather after World War II. My father eventually took it over, working there until the late 1990s. The second house was my grandmother's. When she died two years ago, she was the last remaining inhabitant of the Moulin du Trieux. The rest of us had left long ago to live and work far from the ancestral home where we played by the river as children. Today the buildings and the land are for sale.
The pictures in this series hark back to a time when a whole community might remain linked to the same place for centuries − in contrast to our highly mobile contemporary lifestyles.